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Animal Details - H2020018 Crumpet

H2020018 Crumpet

1 yearMaleCream and WhiteAvailable

Say hello to our cute little Crumpet!

Crumpet as found himself looking for a new home as his previous owners were moving house and unable to take him with them.

Crumpet is a Syrian hamster. Syrian hamsters love to explore and need a cage plenty big enough to enable this to happen. They like to burrow, climb and play. Make sure that your hamster has lots of space to exercise and has appropriate objects to play with such as small boxes and tubes.

Crumpet would be better suited to a home with experienced hamster handlers.

He will need an owner who can offer him time and patience for him to slowly learn how to be handled.

If you are interested in adopting Crumpet please email a completed application form to where we will check for its suitability.

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