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Animal Details - R2019017 Max

R2019017 Max

1 yearMaleBlackLargeAvailable

Introducing our magnificent boy Max, who is affectionately referred to by the staff as Big Max. He certainly lives up to his name both in size and character.

Max is a handsome, intelligent dog who is looking for a patient and experienced owner to help guide him onto the right path. Once focused in training he has the potential to put his talents to good use either through scent or tracking work or other similar activities.

As he is a young boy, Max has lots of energy to burn, and he will need regular long walks. His new owner will need to enjoy walking him and be physically able to handle a dog of his size. Max could potentially live with another calmer medium to large dog, as Max is a little under socialised with other dogs and is practicing his manners as time goes on.

Max will need an adult only home due to his size and bouncy nature, and would not be suitable to live with cats. Max would enjoy having access to a very secure garden. A home in a more rural area would be ideal (his dream would be to have a home with lots of land to explore) and to have plenty of toys and activities to keep him occupied. Max would benefit from a puppy proofed room or space where he can have some down time, while he is learning how to fully appreciate the comforts that come with living in a home.

If you are interested in adopting Max we would ask you fill out an application form for us to look at and we will contact you if you are successful. Please email

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